Art is Vulnerability


As a person, vulnerability is not my strong suit. I hate to be vulnerable, to be in a position where I can’t control the outcome of my decision and action. Vulnerability makes me desperate, confused and unconfident. I am a self-taught filmmaker, making do with what is available and always making sure I give nothing but my best at all times. These past few years have been tough and challenging. Not only have I had to confront some of my deepest fears, but my biggest of all, FAILURE.
This post will perhaps, be the most personal and vulnerable piece of content I’ve ever shared online. I am a very private person; my strength is in my ability to look inward for the energy and drive I need to deal with issues. It takes courage for me to share.
After initial resistance, I chose to embrace my vulnerability (not any of my natural impulses), let go of my ego, judgment and voices of doubt, and simply open myself, BECAUSE I HAD TO. In my complex truths – powerful and soft, majestic and noble, stubborn and vulnerable, fighting to take form, yearning to break free from the fears of failure and understanding that failing is part of the journey. It’s OK, to fail but most importantly it’s OK to be vulnerable. As an artist, I have grown and matured in ways I didn’t think possible.
I firmly believe that when you allow yourself to go to the depths of your vulnerability as an artist, the higher you can elevate your craft. I believe this is why.

#1. Art = Vulnerability
One of my fears was people not liking my films. As an artist, creating art and putting it out there is in and of itself an act of vulnerability. You’re opening yourself up to critique and criticism. Especially, these days where there is so much content out there. It’s easy to be intimidated and feeling your work is not good enough. People may love it or hate it. Some will tell you, some will not. You may get the likes or may not get the likes. But the more you allow yourself to be vulnerable, the better you will become as an artist. That will empower you to do more and share more, which will over time improve your craft and make you better.

#2. Art is a conversation with the world
People have asked me why I make films. It’s like asking the farmer why he grows crops or asking the teacher why he teaches. It’s a necessity. I believe art is a conversation. A conversation between you the artist and the world. It’s you saying something to the world and the world responding or not responding. Art and culture is a healing expression, regardless of where it is or whom it’s from. We all have personal stories that others can relate to. Art is personal first and then universal. You create from your personal experience and then it becomes universal. When you create a piece of art, it reveals your fears, strength, demons, secrets, passion and pain and people relate to it. The response from the world will feed your art and help you get better.

#3. Vulnerability is freedom in disguise
Freedom is not being afraid of criticism, not caring what others think of your work. Freedom is transferring your emotions, energy and love into your work without fear. Vulnerability will unlock talents and abilities you didn’t know you had, the process of being vulnerable can create a sense of freedom. That freedom empowers you to take risk. And taking those risks will unlock skills and abilities you didn’t know you had

6 thoughts on “Art is Vulnerability

  1. Solo, your quotes are very educative. Keep up the good work bro. One day the world will talk about you. Proud to know you.


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