africa dance on music cinecrowd from nana yaw yeboah on Vimeo.

Nana Yaw Yeboah is currently working on a documentary film that follows a musician in Ghana who is fighting to keep the use of traditional instruments alive in African music.  The self-taught artist also happens to be blind.  In a country where people with disabilities or impairments are often not encouraged to pursue their dreams, he keeps his alive every day through music.  Watch the short promotional clip of the film above.  Share your thoughts and if you’d like to support please click here for more info.

On location in Volta Region.

Nana Yaw Yeboah recently completed a film he wrote and directed called, ‘The Itch’.  It’s an engaging story capturing the experience of a young man who is conflicted when he is faced with a decision that could compromise his morals, affect his career and destroy relationships.  Shot entirely in Ghana, this film is currently being submitted to upcoming film festivals.

Frank’s Tin Car is an award winning short film that teaches us through the perspective of a young boy, that one man’s garbage is another’s treasure.  The story shows us through the power of childhood innocence the ability humans have to be creative even with the least valued items.  The film is critically acclaimed and has been seen at various film festivals around the world.

Waiting is another short film that was directed by Yebaoh and was produced at the Luxor African Film Workshop in Egypt.  This is an example of how Yeboah works to capture the rawness of the human experience.  The story reminds us that in life we spend so much time waiting.

Special thanks goes to Bradford Young, Andrew Millington and Ambassa Jir Berhe and to Ethiopian cinematographer Alemeseged Zewdu.

Commissioned to create the trailer for Mohammed Ibn Abdallah’s play, Song of The Pharoah, Nana Yaw Yeboah captured the riveting energy of this dramatic theatrical production through his creative photography and editing talents.  The play is based on the life of Pharoah Akhenaten, the husband of Queen Nefertiti and follows the rise and fall of the leader along with the twists and turns of love, lust and betrayal.

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