Nana Yaw Yeboah is an award-winning Filmmaker who has worked on several film projects throughout his career.  He believes in the importance of raw storytelling.  It’s through life experiences and the ability to observe the world around him that he captures stories in a unique and interesting way.  Cinema is very personal to him.  It’s about translating what happens in real life into in images depicted on screen that people can relate to, understand and learn from.  It’s finding a way to connect with the audience through storytelling that comes from the heart.  Yeboah believes his kind of filmmaking is like sharing a piece of himself with the world.  He often says he doesn’t make movies just for the sake of making money.  It’s not about the monetary gain, but rather about the personal fulfilment and being true to the art of telling human stories.  He believes that no matter where in the world we come from we all share one common connection; humanity’s life experiences all translate into interesting stories to be shared.

His work ethic precedes him.  Anyone who has worked with him will testify to the long hours he spends on set just to get the perfect shot.  The hours he spends cutting a story together in the editing suite is also a testament to his perfectionist nature.  When he produces a project he balances his creative talent with the technical skills that have made him a sought after filmmaker in Ghana.  His strength lies in his ability to capture the best shots using the latest equipment for production.  Also a talented editor, audio engineer and script-writer, he has a working understanding of how lighting is the element that makes or breaks a shot.  He’s passionate about bringing stories from the continent of Africa and beyond to life.  Bridging the gap of cultural divide while sharing the heart and soul of Africa on screen is a true passion of his.  Having participated in several film festivals and workshops around the world, his exposure to life, culture and human relationships are what he draws on as his source of inspiration.

Making film is something he finds both challenging and very rewarding.  Finding new ways to capture a story continues to keep him motivated and his creative juices flowing.  He’s worked as lead videographer and Director on several documentary projects with various NGOs and well respected companies.

Nana Yaw Yeboah refers to himself as a storyteller who’s goal is to share stories to the world through film.  He is using this website as an opportunity to share is ideas, thoughts and insights on filmmaking and storytelling.  He will also discuss issues surrounding culture, traditions and how the continent of Africa can develop films and grow its industry.



Nana Yaw Yeboah continues to work on this documentary fuelled by passion. The film follows a Blind musician's desire to keep the use of traditional African Instruments in music alive. Based in Ghana, he is a self-taught musician struggling to make people see the value in the history of music in his home country.