Our Holocaust

Our Holocaust The cruelty and the horrors of the middle passage can never be told in all its gruesome detail. It is enough to recall that the ships were trailed. I have a few questions. Have our memories gone dead? Or have they gone to sleep? Heaven forbid, but if the answer is yes. When … More Our Holocaust

Unique Voice – Who Are You As A Filmmaker?

  One very important habit young film makers should learn is to ask questions.  Our African society generally does not encourage the habit of questioning.  It is considered disrespectful to ask questions, even when it is crucial to your understanding of issues.  As a filmmaker, do you question your film? Do you ask the ESSENTIAL … More Unique Voice – Who Are You As A Filmmaker?

Cult of Celebrity

Most times I have spoken to young filmmakers who think it’s so important to have a “star” in a film to make it more attractive to a potential audience.  The logic of this, of course is obvious that is, until you think about it more.  I think the “star” thing is superficial and it is … More Cult of Celebrity